Best Seattle Bucket List for This Winter


As the air chills and the days get shorter, we anticipate the holidays to follow. The winter season can feel long and sometimes we don’t get to do the things we wanted to do. Whether you’ve lived in Seattle your whole life or you just moved to the area, we hope this list will give you some new ideas or keep you on track for experiencing all that this winter has to offer.

  • Go Skating at Seattle Winterfest in the Fishers Pavilion.
  • Grab a “Count Down to Christmas” cocktail at Rob Roys.
  • Enjoy some indoor water fun at Rainier Beach Community Center.
  • Play Skwim at Evans Pool on Green Lake, which is a cross between Frisbee Golf and Water Polo.
  • Visit Trampoline Nation on weekdays after 7PM to play a game of dodge ball unlink any you’ve ever played.
  • Visit Neptune Theatre in December when the BANFF Mountain Film Festival World Tours stops through for your white powder fix.
  • Visit a Sun Liquor bar on Christmas Eve or Christmas to try some of their small-batch eggnog, it will be worth the drive – even if it’s over the river and through the woods.
  • Climb at Seattle Bouldering Project – there’s something for the whole family with over 300 adult routes, a kids zone and yoga studio.
  • Visit iFly and sky dive indoors. If you’re looking for adventure, this could be something fun to try.
  • Dine by a fire at restaurants like Melrose Markets 18 Sitka and Spruce or Pioneer Squares Bar Sajor.
  • Pick up a game of indoor volleyball at Sandbox Sports. Friday nights are for beginners.

If you have other ideas for things you plan on doing this winter to beat the winter blues, leave them in the comments below. As always, we love sharing local news and ways to make Seattle feel more like home to those who have recently moved to the area.

Our Hansen Bros. family wishes you a happy holiday season.


Which Seattle Food Trends Are You Digging?

Seattle isn’t just known for its coffee, it’s also known for its tap on the foodie scene.  There were some clear food-type trends that emerged in 2017, so we thought we’d play a fun game and have you comment on which ones you love or could live without.


Move over kale, cauliflower is coming through! This versatile vegetable has been found in every kind of dish from hummus to faux-mashed potatoes. This miracle veggie can also turn it’s self into a pizza crust, if you’ll let it. Places like Mamnoon, Harvest Beat and Mbar – have featured items that include it in layers or roasted sides.


Tataki is an appetizer that has been a hot menu item for many large city restaurants.        It’s a dish that includes raw meat or fish with seared edges. Places like Suika and Sushi Wataru have it on their menus.


Vegetables, in general, have been enjoying the spotlight lately. Places like Carlile Room and Harvest Beat are examples of places that use vegetable-based menu items as a majority of their menu. We don’t see this trend going away any time soon.

Smaller Beef Portions

If vegetables are the headliner, beef has become more of an opening act. It’s being served in smaller portions as a main dish or used in conjunction with other things as an appetizer.

French Food

Food critics joke that French food is only not trending in France. Places like Bateau/Bar Melusine and L’Oursin are now staples that are bringing French food back into the limelight.

Which food trend are you enjoying right now? Anything that we’ve missed? We love Seattle and love being a part of helping people move to our beautiful city.