Seattle’s Housing Prices Expected to Rise, But Slower in 2018

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According to a report from Zillow, Seattle’s housing market will continue its hot streak in 2018, but maybe at a slower pace. But this is all relative because, as you may know Seattle’s markets have been on an explosive growth streak. It was ranked as the third hottest market for 2018 by a Zillow forecast. Metros that topped the list included: San Jose, Calif. and Raleigh, N.C.

What is Predicted?

Zillow estimates that Seattle home values will increase by another 5.4 percent in 2018. They estimate that rental prices will increase by 3.5 percent. That seems like indication of another strong year, although it’s important to note that it’s slowing. In 2017 home values grew by a an insane amount — 12.3 percent and rents also saw historical records at 5.4 percent growth.

Factors That Affect Market Growth

Estimates from Zillow are based on a few factors that include: 1. population growth and 2. median income increases. Based on the Census – which was analyzed by Moody Analytics – they reported a 4.4 percent increase in income over the last year.

Which Areas Will See The Largest Growth?

Based on Zillow’s predictions the below neighborhoods will see the largest growth:

  1. Kirkland’s Totem Lake Neighborhood (9.1 percent increase in home prices)
  2. Belltown (8.8 percent increase)
  3. Kirkland’s Houghton (8.4 percent increase)
  4. Duvall Area Riverview (8.2 percent increase)
  5. Kirkland’s Kingsgate (8.1 percent increase)

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The BEST Seattle Winter Activity That Will Help You Relax and Beat The Chill

Goldmyer hot springs

Goldmyer hot springs

Now that the winter is in full swing, many of us are looking for ways to enjoy the winter, stay active and find adventures around the city. One of our favorite winter adventures is to the local hot springs. If you’ve never been in the winter, you are in for a treat. It’s amazing to go when there’s snow all around and you can take a dip into the relaxing water. Here are our favorite local hot springs destinations:

The Adventure of Getting to Goldmyer Hot Springs

Although it’s about 15 miles of potholes from the North Bend to Goldmyer Hot Springs, it may be worth the adventure. You must call to steal one of the 20 reservations before you arrive (each are $15). After driving down I-5 to North Bend, to traverse the potholes of Middle Fork Road. After the drive you will hike about 4 miles to a cabin, which is the home of the Goldmyer Hot Springs caretaker.  After checking in, you will hike another quarter mile to the hot springs.

The experience

There are three terrace pools, waterfalls and 125-degree waters. You will enjoy the waterfall sounds in the background, while you look up at the frozen forest branches – you will be able to let your cares melt away. Goldmyer is the closest hot springs to Seattle – it will be a very good day trip for anyone with a four-wheeled drive.

The good news is the Middle Road was paved on November 1, but the last few miles with up until the trailhead will still have potholes and will require four-wheeled drive.

Before you go

If you want a map to the springs you can visit their website. Remember to make your reservations before you go. And, as always – let us know if you there is any other way Hansen Bros. can help make your transition to Seattle a better one. Our team is always here to help you in any way.